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Is this payment safe?

PCI compliance... what's that?

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PCI compliance is is required for any company that processes, stores or transmits credit card data. These regulations are administered by the Payment Card Industry Council, to ensure cardholder information is kept safe. Since working in the industry, i have had numerous conversations with clients in organisations of all sizes, who are completely confused and don't understand what they need to do to ensure their compliance against the scheme. As a business, we assist companies in ensuring they remain compliant, but unfortunately businesses have been in touch where they have had issues and have been issues fines due to them. We assist them in resolving the issues as best as possible, but it is always better to take as many preventative steps as possible to minimise and mitigate the risk. Before working in security, i can hand on heart say i had never heard of PCI compliance and many people i talk to haven't either. I wanted to make an image specifically around PCI compliance as i can't remember ever seeing any effective imagery around the subject before. It is important for merchants and service providers to understand PCI compliance and what they need to do to ensure their card data environment is secure and complaint. I also think it is important that customers using e-commerce sites understand what they should be looking out for, to ensure a website is trust worthy and will keep their card data secure.

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I grew up in a rural village in the north east of England, I went to university to study Fine Art, I've had various office jobs. I am pretty much your everyday, incredibly average, non-technical young professional. That was until 15 months ago, when I unexpectedly found myself working as an account manager at a cyber security consultancy. Now I spend most days talking to clients about their experiences and issues, advising on how they can improve their data and information security. I am constantly shocked and saddened when hearing clients stories about their experiences with the cyber world, how it's affected their businesses in terms of reputation and finances, even more so when a lot of issues might never have happened with simple preventative actions.

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I work as an Account Manager at a Cyber Security consultancy, but outside of my nine to five job i take on freelance illustration work. As i work in Cyber Security and also illustration, i thought the challenge would be an interesting opportunity to take part in. It has already pushed me outside my comfort zone, as my normal illustrative style lends itself to children book illustration, which i am currently working on both illustrations for a clients book and one i have written myself.


Instagram handle James_Makes

What is your experience with the field of cybersecurity?

  • I have considerable experience and/or knowledge in the cybersecurity field.

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  • I’m a cybersecurity professional with an interest in visuals.

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  • United Kingdom

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I really like the texture used in your contributions James Moffitt !