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Data - The New Oil

With great power comes great responsibility.

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Sketch 1 (1,500 characters)

Data is sometimes referred to as the "new oil". Mostly, this term is used as a rather positive metaphor describing the tremendous economical power associated with both. Other aspects and similarities are often dismissed. The sketch visualizes the negative sides of a leakage of data as well as oil which can both lead to ruin - even though in completely different ways. Having been drawn with black ink on white paper, it emphasizes the ubiquitousness of oil and simultanously illlustrates the binary nature of modern information with a special focus on specific data (time to refresh your ASCII skills).

What have you learned through this sketching process? (1,000 characters)

Even if you have clearly shaped figures in your mind, it is a huge challenge to put it to paper or even verbally explain it to somebody without losing plenty of detail.

Tell us more about you. (1,000 characters)

Having started my professional career as Network & Systems Administrator with a variety of hands-on experiences including the configuration of security appliances and the design of access control policies, I moved to academia, pursuing a Bachelor's in "Corporate and Information Systems Security", a Master's in Computer Science with a focus on Distributed Systems, and a Master's in "Information Security & Assurance". During this time, I conducted research on topics such as trustworthiness assessment of certificate authorities, dark web analysis, as well as reflected DDoS protection and spent short and long term stays in the USA, Israel, Estonia, and Ireland. Currently, I am working as a Security Incident Response Consultant.

Why are you participating in this Challenge? (750 characters)

Having been the interface between the technical IT departement and other, non-technical departments during my tenure as administrator and a student tutor during my studies, it has always been a pleasure to me to simplify complex technical systems in order to make them more tangible for others. Usually focusing on presentations, written reports, and scientific papers, tackling it by a more creative approach seemed to be a huge chance to improve my expressive skills for the future.


What is your experience with the field of cybersecurity?

  • I have considerable experience and/or knowledge in the cybersecurity field.

What best describes you?

  • I’m a cybersecurity professional with an interest in visuals.

How did you hear about this OpenIDEO Challenge?

  • Someone in my network (word of mouth)

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  • Germany


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Your style reminds me of a political cartoon! This is a great analogy, which I've never heard before.

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