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The mobile device (not phone anymore) has been exploited as tracking device. What happens, when the collected data gets lost?

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Concept: The idea sprang to mind. Just sketched it. Tried to focus on the aspects "control = red" and "chained = blue". I guess you have to make the guy completely blue if his personal data is leaked. Opportunity: Most people don't care anymore about their personal information being leaked to social networks. There is no choice. You can't even start / install apps on your smartphone without email authentication. And every attempt to create a privacy enforcing smartphone failed spectacularly. Why? "Comfort addiction". Like the social scoring system of the china. A dog feels his collar. He can fight against it. The human cannot. There is no alternative. And the number of data exploiting services grows with every new application. If you were to continue building out this concept, what would your next steps be? 1. Whats the threat of being chained? This needs somehow to be integrated. Ideally, multiplied by the number of smartphone users. Maybe the same picture in an opressing state? 2. Target Group: Who should the concept focus on? Tailer to the situation. 3. Include a solution? Less apps, smartphone firewall, government policy against spying? ;)

What is your experience with the field of cybersecurity?

  • I have considerable experience and/or knowledge in the cybersecurity field.

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  • I’m a visual creator by hobby.

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Bonn. Once the capital, now.. err... B_undesstadt O_hne N_ennenswertes N_achtleben. Local joke. Translates like: Regional City without noteworthy nightlife.

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  • Germany


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Felt compelled to comment, as I scrolled through the various images that have been submitted, that this grabbed my attention and I think it's worth exploring further.

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Thank you for your contribution Daniel Marner and welcome to the Cybersecurity Visuals challenge. Dima here, I am here to support you in the process. One thing I think is worth exploring in your entry is the differentiation between the red and the blue chains, and this symbolizing our relationship with Data. I strongly recommend looking at the visual tips that were compiled by our team to get inspired to push these sketches further:
Can't wait to see how this progresses next!

Photo of Daniel Marner

@Dima: Thank you for your support! The ideas were just a quick shot, had no time to refine it and I guess there are people with more experience who can implement the raw idea. I wouldn't mind as long as we finally get more transparency into the whole IT security industry.