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Creative Confidence Here: An online hub for creative confidence - WEBSITE LIVE

An online hub of curated & user generated tools, stories & conversations for parents, young people & teachers, to inspire us all to unleash our creative potential. Hosted & curated by the community. Offline + online. Demo website live.

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UPDATES: December 10, 2013
Thank you all for all the additional comments, ideas and feedback. Most importantly, thank you for sharing this website with young people, parents and teachers, helping with all the user-testing and helping us gather these insights.

USER INSIGHTS (sharing a select few)

What they liked:
+ "Good layout; easy on the eyes"
+ "Like the 'for parents/for teachers, for young people... breakdown"
+ "Cool resources (loved the Design Thinking for educators toolkit)"
+ Stories are a great idea. (Please include some examples?).
+ "Thank you for adding the My Page section"
+ "Meetups for the win"

What could be better:
- "Cafe doesn't work as expected. Why am I plomped into writing a new message?"
- "The links like the "Enabler toolkit", etc. all point to a pages that looks totally unlike anything on the main site"
"I'm a bit confused about the goal of this project as there isn't an "About us" section on the site. Much needed" (now added)
- "The website is very nice. Could there be a little less scrolling? Because on every page, I have to scroll down a lot to get to the real stuff" (now fixed)
- "How will you monetize this?" (nominal fee for certain toolkits - " fermium business model")
- "What do I get for participating? Who decides what content goes up?"
- "It looks pretty but I'm not sure I get the point" (About Us page added)
- "Can you add a search button/ feature" (work in progress)
- "Is there a Facebook page?" (in progress)

Overall, once we move to a more final version, we need to include more instructions for users, especially, the younger audience.


+ About Us page added. Thank you Sylvia and Jinal for the insight. This was again a key insight during user-testing (as shared above).

+ Some external links added as most of the resources currently lead to other concepts shared during this challenge. As we continue working on the website, we'll keep adding new resources/ tools/ stories (Note: this is still just a prototype)

+ Design/ layout updated to minimise scrolling and get to the "real stuff" easier & faster. 

+ Duplicate site created for split testing different design, layout, UX and content.

+ Working on social media integration (Facebook, Twitter etc.)

Note: We're continually updating the website as we get more ideas and feedback from our users and the OpenIDEO community. Keep checking back for latest updates.

UPDATES: December 9, 2013
Congratulations team! The website is refined, updated, and live: 

New input = User insights + OpenIDEO Mumbai Meetup + Mapping out ideas/ comments/ feedback from the OpenIDEO community (online + offline).

Updates include the following:
- New Features/ Pages: We've re-organised the website structure and added new pages such as " Join us" ( aka Get Involved), " My Profile", " Team".

- My Profile: This new element has a significant impact on the evolution of this concept. The original idea was around "curated" content. New ideas during the meetup (read Dec. 7 update below) have added the dimension of "user-generated" content + the possibilities to personalise the user-experience on the website. 
- Going offline: Based on the questions suggested for the refinement phase, we've mapped out ways of making the website content available to those without access to the internet.  A great inspiration for this is the TEDx in a Box project by . The material available on the platform can also be made available as a comprehensive toolkit to enable our creative confidence ambassadors/ champions to reach out to a much broader community! We will invite community champions/ ambassadors to get involved and "go offline". Check this page for more details

- New content: Essentially, we've really fleshed out the prototype. Earlier, the website structure gave the basic idea. But to enable richer user testing and feedback, we added a fair amount of real content on all the pages (do check - your idea is possibly featured there). 

- New design and UX: The entire website has gone through a number of design changes, from page layouts to overall theme, and a lot of conversations around the user-journey on the platform, resulting in even more design changes.

Also, here's some mapping/analysis of the Refinement phase ideas to guide us as we curated content for the platform.

Request for input:
We'd really appreciate if you could spend some time browsing the website to get a feel of the user experience, and share your feedback with us. What works well? What could be better?  Also, could you please share the link with teachers/ young people/ parents and let us know what they think of it?

UPDATES: December 7, 2013
I organised an OpenIDEO Mumbai Meetup yesterday to continue refining the concept with our local community. Thank you Jinal, Arpit, Bhavna and Shruti for participating and helping take the idea to the next level. 

NEW Updates-in-progress (most have already been executed).

1. User-testing: We decided to continue testing the website with our key audience groups - young people, parents and teachers. We will let them try the website, share more information about the thinking behind it, understand what they feel is the key value proposition for them, and gather insights shared.

2.  Fleshing out and refining the prototype website: We also decided to work on fleshing out the current prototype. We will provide more resources, stories and conversation starters on the website, and also continue curating and highlighting ideas from this OpenIDEO challenge. Also, the group suggested having more visual stories and rich media content, and ensuring that we don't just share stories of success but also highlight stories of failure. This would also allow us to provide a slightly more finished product to our user groups for more feedback. 

3. Online + Offline : We explored new ideas on making the resources, stories, conversations accessible to those who don't have access to the internet. For this, we are adding a "Get Involved" section on the website to invite and recruit youth/ parent/ teacher ambassadors and also partner with organisations who'd help us increase our reach!

4. Local Meetups and Events: Another offline element that was suggested was having a calendar of events on the website and encouraging community members to organise local Meetups (inspired by the OpenIDEO Meetups). This would allow for a good blend of online + offline conversations. And again, we can invite new members to these events who are probably not engaged online.
5. My Creative Confidence page: This was a really big idea that stirred a lot of conversation during the Meetup. We started talking about other online platforms that might inspire our thinking and names such as Amazon, Pinterest, Humans of New York, OpenIDEO were mentioned. And this led to the idea of more user-generated content. What if users could sign up, have their own profile page, indicate their areas of interest, how they want to get involved, get some sort of badges/ personal messages to encourage them, "pin" or "bookmark" relevant material on their own pages… 

6. UX and Design elements: And finally, there were new ideas on updating the design of the website (lighter background?), mapping out the user-journey, changing the layout of a few pages etc.

As a group, we are now working on updating the website with all of these ideas (and then some more), while continuing to reach out to more users and gather feedback.

Prototype:  We are currently prototyping a basic version of the online platform (check new images uploaded).  Here's the link to a mock-up version of the online platform 

You'll see the basic sections and get a general idea of the concept. Since it's all online, we can keep updating and refining this. And for that, we'd love for you to participate!

Participate (we need you): Here's a google document created which explains the structure of the website and invites you to add your ideas. Please join the conversation and let's design together!

--------------------------------------------------------- ----------------
The idea: An online hub for creative confidence

There are several amazing online platforms dedicated to different domains – from career advice to cooking, interior design to life hacking, gaming to gardening… how about a website which serves as a one-stop-shop for creative confidence!

This dedicated online space would serve as a source of inspiration, a helpline for creative confidence, a platform to swap stories and a vibrant community to belong to. I am proposing different sections for parents, teachers and young people (with relevant resources, toolkits, exercises etc) based on the different ideas that have been shared during this challenge.

Advantages of a web portal? Low cost; high reach; easy accessibility; dynamic, iterative and interactive; scalability. We can use help from the community to have the website translated into several other languages so as to have greater impact and accessibility.

Looking at all the inspirations (more than 1100 of them!) and ideas already posted in this exciting OpenIDEO challenge made me wonder: How might we capture and curate all this collective intelligence to create a one-stop-shop to inspire young people to cultivate their creative confidence?

What if we designed a website which had a collection of ideas, resources, tools, methods, stories and daily doses of inspiration… all with the one aim to cultivate creative confidence among young people (and probably spill-over and reach a broader audience)?

I am imagining a slick, interactive, well-designed, user-friendly, extensive, dynamic online portal. 

This website will potentially touch upon all the themes that have emerged during the challenge: space to create, attitude and identity, creative catalysts, hands-on making, taking the first step...

Just to get the ball rolling, these are some sections that could feature:

  • Creative Confidence: What is it? Why is it important? This would ensure we are all on the same page and have some shared language. 

  • Methods/ Tools: Toolkits for parents, Toolkits for teachers, Ideas to design "spaces to create", A collection of tools/ methods to boost your creative confidence. This would provide us with practical tools to guide us through the creative process.

  • Resources: Templates, session outlines, curriculum design, questionnaires, surveys, creative confidence campaigns etc. This would give us more material to be used at an individual or a community level.

  • Stories: An archive of stories of creative confidence submitted and curated by young ambassadors. This would serve as inspiration as we will be continually fed with amazing examples of creative confidence from around the world.

  • Blog: A regularly updated blog (like 'field notes' on OpenIDEO) maintained by a group of young ambassadors. This would lead to higher engagement and allow us to document the journey and provide fresh, updated content.

  • Forums/ Conversations: Within such a broad topic, it would be great to allow users and the community at large to host conversations around themes related to creative confidence. A teacher sharing her class plan, a parent asking for advice, young people swapping stories… (Check the Café section)

  • Get involved: Here we could provide opportunities to turn passive users into active community builders, champions and ambassadors. We could ask them for their ideas or suggest ways to play a more active role - host a meetup, be a guest blogger, be an ambassador for creative confidence in your school, submit your story...

  • Social Media channels: Provide links to a Facebook page, Twitter handle, Instagram account, Youtube channel, Pinterest boards… to "meet young people where they are at" and offer more channels for engagement.

Overall, the essence of the idea is to really capture and curate all the amazing ideas that are being shared during this challenge, and make them available and accessible to young people around the world as a powerful online resource they can always draw inspiration from!

Note:  This concept was inspired by themes that emerged from conversations at the OpenIDEO Meetups in Mumbai.

*New* Refinement question: What will the future look like with your idea in it?

The vision for this concept is to create a comprehensive, well-curated, continually updated, community-driven platform to help young people unleash their creative potential. The website would embody the best of offline experiences/ associations from a university, an amusement park, a café, a library, a playground, a laboratory… and bring it all together in one common space online ! It would meet several user needs: - Always acknowledge and remind us of the creative potential within us all… positive messages and conversations to nurture our creative confidence. - The certainty factor when it comes to the quality & quantity of relevant, reliable, well curated information… - The surprise/ newness/ variety factor by providing fresh, regularly updated content - Possibility to personalise and customise the user experience (bookmarks, badges, profiles, network), to get what they need from it and navigate it all. - Practical tools one could directly start using, to learn and to implement - Real stories to share and learn from, to inspire and be inspired - Opportunities to really connect with people online and offline, to seek answers to their own specific questions and situations… - A platform to channel their energy, to get involved, contribute, build communities and create impact Young people around the world would flock to this website to nurture and cultivate their creative confidence, and also spread this to more people. And not just young people, there will always be valuable and relevant content for creative catalysts - parents & teachers, to acknowledge the role they play in cultivating this creative confidence. Once the concept is proven, we could potentially split the idea into (three) different websites, designed exclusively for each of the target groups. At it's core, this platform would serve as an online hub of creative confidence. Instead of spending hours looking for unorganised information, the website would be a reliable, trusted, fun, interactive platform. And given it's web/digital nature, the idea will spread and scale, and how! Imagine all the content and conversation translated into several languages. Creative confidence champions and ambassadors would be creating and curating content, hosting local meet-ups, and most importantly, go far and wide to make these tools and stories available to those without internet access!

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

The success of this idea would rely on co-creating this website with young people, parents, teachers and a much broader community (since "it takes a village to raise a child"). Not only should this be co-designed, we should enable young people to become champions and ambassadors to continually iterate, test and build this further. (Updates included above)

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

Given the nature of this idea, i.e. being an online portal, it will be easily accessible across geographies and cultures. We could (and should) have stories, ambassadors, blog posts, resources being shared from Mumbai to Munich, Cairo to Canberra, Shanghai to San Francisco. Another important aspect of spreadability and scalability would be the possibility to have the website translated into several languages, and even this aspect could be community driven (drawing inspiration from TED's Open Translation Project:

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

Here's an invitation to the amazing OpenIDEO community to join in and help prototype, build and refine this idea further! 1. Please share your ideas, thoughts, comments so we can shape this idea together! What do you like about it? How can we build on this? What other ideas or models can we learn from? How do we engage young people so as to co-design with them? Could you ask some young people/ parents/ teachers around you what they think of this? Overall, is this idea… - Viable (from a business point of view)? - Feasible (from a technical point of view) ? - Desirable (from a people point of view)? 2. What are some business models we could explore to make sure the idea is viable and self-sustainable? 3. Once we have given this more shape and form, we need people with technical prowess (graphic design, web design, prototyping advice and skills, social media) to actually make this happen! More questions (updated) - Can you see your own idea fit into this platform? - What elements would you like to keep and which ones would you like to add? - What can be some offline components to consider so we can reach those without internet access? - Are you a programmer/ web developer/ designer who’d like to join and help co-design a basic website as a prototype?

Evaluation results

13 evaluations so far

1. How well do you feel this idea could inspire young people to cultivate their creative confidence?

Really well – feels like this idea would kickstart creative confidence in young people everywhere - 30.8%

It's getting there – but it seems to need further work to really inspire creative confidence - 61.5%

I don't think this idea would significantly inspire young people's creative confidence - 7.7%

2. Does this idea have enough momentum behind it to successfully spread and scale to diverse groups of young people globally?

Absolutely – it's inspiring, engaging and I'm sure young people everywhere would be excited to participate - 38.5%

Maybe, but we'd need to figure out more details to really help this idea get adopted more widely - 53.8%

Nope, I don't see this idea having global appeal for diverse audiences of young people - 7.7%

3. Does this idea show potential for lasting impact on generations of young people and their creative confidence?

This idea seems to have staying power and could impact young people for years to come - 38.5%

I think there's potential for lasting impact but it's not totally clear what that would look like - 53.8%

It feels like this idea is more of a short-term solution that may not last into the future - 7.7%

4. Would this idea appeal to young people who are already creatively confident as well as those who are not?

Absolutely – it would be appealling and accessible to young people of all creative levels and abilities - 38.5%

Probably – but young people who don't consider themselves very creative might need a little extra support or coaching - 53.8%

Not really – this idea is really best suited for young people who already see themselves as creatively confident - 7.7%

5. Overall, how do you feel about this idea?

It rocked my world - 46.2%

I liked it but preferred others - 38.5%

It didn't get me overly excited - 15.4%

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"Connecting different ideas and pointing out to additional tools and resources!"

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"An excellent build to the idea!"

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"Mumbai Meetup - collaborating offline + online"

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"Acknowledgement + Reinforcement."

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"Constant inspiration, connecting ideas and helping reach out to the community!"

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"Fantastic build and connecting to his idea. An offer for collaboration!"

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"We can connect our ideas!"

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"Collaborated online + offline (Meetups)."

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