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UPDATED 10/12: A Toolkit for Creative Confidence Enablers *Help us test the toolkit!*

This toolkit helps mentors of young people, like parents and teachers, understand Creative Confidence. It aids these mentors in creating environments and adopting attitudes which are conducive to inspiring Creative Confidence in young people.

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Update 10/12
What's new?
- Some feedback from teachers, more to follow
(see pdf at bottom)
- Overview of what the processlooks like for the mentor using the toolkit

(see pdf at bottom)

- The "What" section below

- Possibility to collaborate with a school in Cape Town to develop and test the toolkit - I'm in contact with them currently; Elaine is in contact with Montessori schools to see if there's a possibility to test it with them too

Want to help?
Share this idea with parents, teachers, and other mentors and share the feedback! (See "Test the idea" pdf at the bottom, and use the google doc to submit responses)

Thanks to all who have contributed so far!
Update 04/12
What's new?
- A prototype version of the toolkit
- A guide to testing the idea with parents, teachers, and other mentors (use this Form to add testing insights)
- A prototype of the accompanying website

>> Help wanted: Testing the Toolkit! <<
>> Any feedback on the prototype welcomed! <<
(See the bottom of the text for links to pdf's)
Why this toolkit?
You are a parent, teacher, employer or other mentor. You have heard about Creative Confidence, but not sure how it fits in or how to utilise it!

What is creative confidence? Why is it important? What can you achieve by cultivating it? What should you keep in mind when creating a space to cultivate creative confidence? Or how should you act? What works and what doesn't? Where can you find examples of projects or impacts of creative confidence? 
The toolkit aims to address these questions.

This study highlighted the importance of creativity as a crucial factor for success in the near future, especially in an increasingly complex world. It is against this background that this toolkit is framed. 

The stakeholders who can impact the way creative confidence is cultivated in young people. It is aimed at parents, teachers, employers, and other mentors. We want to empower the stakeholders in the lives of young people so that THEY can feel confident in instilling creative confidence! 

The toolkit will have activities for mentors of young people aged roughly 12 - 18; as this is a very vulnerable time for young people and their creative confidence. 

To convince mentors that Creative Confidence is important and why it plays a role, it will be framed against a backdrop of the importance of Creative Confidence in the workplace, thus focusing on it as an important skill for the future of young people. It will draw from recent studies showing this importance.

The toolkit will provide:
  1. A short introduction to Creative Confidence and why it is important
  2. A first activity for mentors to assess their current environment and attitudes to see how conducive they are to inspire Creative Confidence
  3. Categorised sets of activities for mentors to change their attitudes and environments which can be followed in a non linear way to suit their needs.
  4. A supplementary website which acts as a connecting and sharing platform for mentors.

Other elements to beincorporated includes:

- Success stories of otherteachers / parents / mentors who inspired Creative Confidence

- Creative ConfidenceChampions who could endorse the toolkit

- Video lectures / activities

Thank you to contributors so far:
Everyone who has commented, tested, and contributed through google forms
My, Elodie, Louise for brainstorming the initial idea
James' Founders Dictionary from a previous challenge

*New* Refinement question: What will the future look like with your idea in it?

This toolkit can play an active role in affecting the attitudes of the mentors influencing young people. This is an important step in inspiring young people to cultivate their creative confidence. With the support of these mentors, young people in the future will be bolder and will see creative confidence as an important tool to shape their futures. The fact that the toolkit will be live and adaptable to different contexts by the people IN those contexts, makes it even more powerful as it is adaptable and can be updated and kept current.

In this challenge, we want to create ideas with young people, not for them. Outline how you’re planning to involve young people or other end-users (parents, teachers, etc) in designing, iterating or testing your idea during the Ideas phase.

Teachers, parents, mentors etc: - Key in testing prototypes of idea - Need to be consulted to find out what they know, their views and attitudes towards CC - Experiences can be documented - Their questions & uncertainties should inform the content - Input for format and needs must be gathered - Active role on website - contribute and share experiences, resources, tips, and insights Young people: - Could be interesting to find out how they feel their creative confidence is stifled by mentors, how mentors could act different to prevent this - Examples of creative confidence boosting activities can be gathered to be incorporated - Key in testing activities from toolkit to see effects on young people

How might you envision your idea spreading across geographies or cultures so that it inspires young people around the world to cultivate their creative confidence?

Once the core toolkit is created, it will be available for adaptation. This means anyone can recreate it or use the foundation to build on - this gives the possibility for country or region specific toolkits to be created by the users themselves with appropriate content and language for the context. The website will have a forum section in which discussions for appropriation can be held, or in which users from specific regions can discuss what works and what doesn't. Also featured on the website is a wiki section which gives the possibility for more in depth theory which may also include region specific information, also editable by the users themselves.

What skills, input or guidance would you like to receive from the OpenIDEO community to help you build out or refine your idea further?

*NEW* - Test the prototype! Downloads at bottom of idea. - Further prototyping advice - how can we involve the mentors as well as young people in creating the toolkit and testing it ------------------------------------------------------------------ Any further input and feedback from the OpenIDEO community is welcomed - how can we take this idea forward? How do we effectively create and test the toolkit?

Evaluation results

13 evaluations so far

1. How well do you feel this idea could inspire young people to cultivate their creative confidence?

Really well – feels like this idea would kickstart creative confidence in young people everywhere - 30.8%

It's getting there – but it seems to need further work to really inspire creative confidence - 61.5%

I don't think this idea would significantly inspire young people's creative confidence - 7.7%

2. Does this idea have enough momentum behind it to successfully spread and scale to diverse groups of young people globally?

Absolutely – it's inspiring, engaging and I'm sure young people everywhere would be excited to participate - 46.2%

Maybe, but we'd need to figure out more details to really help this idea get adopted more widely - 46.2%

Nope, I don't see this idea having global appeal for diverse audiences of young people - 7.7%

3. Does this idea show potential for lasting impact on generations of young people and their creative confidence?

This idea seems to have staying power and could impact young people for years to come - 30.8%

I think there's potential for lasting impact but it's not totally clear what that would look like - 61.5%

It feels like this idea is more of a short-term solution that may not last into the future - 7.7%

4. Would this idea appeal to young people who are already creatively confident as well as those who are not?

Absolutely – it would be appealling and accessible to young people of all creative levels and abilities - 46.2%

Probably – but young people who don't consider themselves very creative might need a little extra support or coaching - 30.8%

Not really – this idea is really best suited for young people who already see themselves as creatively confident - 23.1%

5. Overall, how do you feel about this idea?

It rocked my world - 30.8%

I liked it but preferred others - 46.2%

It didn't get me overly excited - 23.1%


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Love the concept, has many interesting elements to it that really captured me. Look forward to seeing how this pans out!

Photo of Saskia Baard

Hi there, thanks! We're busy with a plan to develop this idea further, and will keep the community updated about the progress :-)

Photo of Meena Kadri

Great to hear, Saskia. And when you're ready to share an update, you can post it over on our new challenge Impact page: We're looking forward to hearing how things are going!

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please translate the toolkit

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