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World Stories: Young Voices

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, in Brighton UK, is encouraging young people to be involved in curating objects from around the world. Young people find an object that is from a different country and help to get that object to Brighton.

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Young people find an object that is located in another country.  They research the country and the object, so that they can understand the object's cultural significance to that country.  The young person helps facilitate the object's arrival to Brighton, in order to be displayed in the museum.  The young person is not only encouraged to understand other cultures, but becomes the curator of the object.  I think understanding other cultures, while being introduced to how a museum obtains objects for display, can help fuel a young person's creativity. 


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Hi Susan! I came over to check out your contributions after "meeting you" in my comment section. I love this one. It is a fantastic way to engage kids in history, art history, culture, and how museums work. Knowing that their input is valued in this way - WOW!
I spent 6 months in BRIGHTON at the Univ of Sussex when I was in college in the US - it was my junior year abroad experience. I do not recall visiting this museum then, but I will plan on visiting next time I am in your country. I want to make a "pilgrimage" to visit my old stomping ground.
I really am enjoying this Open Ideo - learning, collaborating and finding great stuff to do here and around the world. Bettina

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Hey thanks Bettina,
Yes, I really liked this exhibition, and thought it was a great way for young children to gain creative confidence. I think that offering children the opportunity to discover new cultures opens their global perspective and then sequentially builds their creative abilities.

Thank you for checking in on my profile. Check out the Scavenger Hunting for Confidence. My virtual team is going to try to initiate this in communities here in London by the spring time.

By the way, I'm originally from the US. Moved to London to complete an MA in sustainable design for social innovation.

Look forward to hearing any feedback. Cheers from the U.K.