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Why Facebook Doesn't Have A Dislike Button?

We all have the fear of being rejected and disliked right?

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If we think that writing a bad comment is more difficult than a simple like, social media is a nice place for sharing ideas without the fear of being disliked. That is also why we don't think a lot when sharing something on social media. Ok we may consider how many likes we have for a certain post but even it is less, it is still liked by some people and not disliked from anybody.

In my opinion the main obstacle of creative confidence is fear of being disliked of your ideas. So the question becomes "How can we be fearless!". Well, since all of us are not talapoins it is quite impossible. We will always carry some fear and it drives our ideas better (at least we think twice).

However what we can do to minimize this, is to change our perception of evaluating ideas. Instead of liking or disliking ideas we may search for good points and bed point inside the ideas. And this has to start from family and goes in schools to let young generations have more creative confidence.

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I agree about this idea that "dislike" can prevent children's creative motivation. It is better to encourage children's every ideas but we can give them some opinion about both sides, good points and bad points.