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Where/how are you creative?

Some ideas from our brainstorm in class.

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  • I am creative anywhere
  • I like to draw one day and do something else the next day
  • I am creative in art
  • Drawing
  • Using my brain
  • Using my imagination
  • I like to paint
  • I like to make things
  • The movies
  • I like to draw fictional stuff
  • I like to color pictures
  • I like to build things
  • I cook for my mom
  • I like to make things out of cheese
  • I like to write stories
  • I like playing/singing a new song
  • Anything can give you creativity
  • I’m creative when I do something in a new way or a new thing
  • By doing something no one’s been brave enough to do or done before
  • Anywhere
  • Everyday
  • Thinking about something new
  • I make obstacles to ride my bike on or snowboard jumps to ride on
  • Try new things
  • I make up games
  • With Legos
  • Creativity is listening to your heart
  • When you don’t have something to do
  • Think out loud
  • Bring your thoughts to life
  • Helping somebody
  • Doing your own thing
  • Being original


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Interesting mind maps, but why photos are upside down ?

Essence of Creativity is Visual - Communication, Facilitation and Thinking

Photo of LREI 5th Graders

Thanks again!