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What helps you to be creative?

We did some brainstorming in class.

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  • Seeing something and getting an idea from it
  • Being/having fun
  • Being and believing in yourself
  • Inspiring and encouraging people
  • You can learn from others and you will get ideas
  • Listening to others
  • Being a team player
  • Life
  • Ideas
  • Motivating people
  • Being positive
  • Color
  • Learning from others and basing (not copying) things off their ideas
  • Being upbeat
  • Having people in your surroundings who are creative
  • Drawing your imagination or think imagination
  • Being inspired by different arts and crafts
  • Friends/family
  • Having the right equipment
  • Being alone without a deadline
  • Object and animals
  • Websites and games
  • Looking around (in a park)
  • Nice people who care and help
  • Pens, pencils, markers and paper
  • Drawings
  • Legos
  • Good ideas
  • Being inspired by something you’ve been assigned or heard or saw
  • Being original (yourself)
  • Thinking for yourself


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Great list. And I think an important contribution to the challenge. Maybe we all should think about what helps us to be creative, and share that here. I have two or three things that come to mind quickly, and will share them in a separate comment thread. Maybe others can add to it as well.

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This is a great list presented in a creative way (support by doing). It is important to make comfortable space for inspiration diversity. There are some common threads in what inspires creativity, but there are also some very unique sources of inspiration as well.

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