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Challenge Young People to Speak & Think with Conviction

Phenomenal spoken-word-artist Taylor Mali challenges younger generations on their lack of conviction when they speak, and identifies the interrogative tone that has infected modern speech

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I believe that the way in which we express ourselves verbally is directly correlated to the way in which we think. As Taylor Mali notes in his poem, younger generations are becoming aggressively inarticulate, and it is essential that we encourage younger people to verbalize their ideas in a direct manner rather than type them out on online. Most important is to somehow get kids to take ownership of their ideas. With social media and anonymous commentary, we have become increasingly sensitive and judgmental. We are more afraid then ever to own our ideas and risk being called a fool. This is a big problem. To spur creative confidence it is essential to build a space or platform of constructive support and criticism. A mandatory Be-Nice policy perhaps.  


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