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The Power of the Failure Bow

There are some great threads discussing the power of failure to enable creative confidence. Matt Smith, a Seattle improv coach, gave an amazing TEDx talk about a tool called the "Failure Bow" that lets us visualize and share failures with our teams.

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I would argue that one of the inhibitors to celebrating failure more frequently is the lack of accepted protocols for doing so.  Because it is so ingrained in our natures to hide failure, and celebrate success, it may feel unnatural or socially unacceptable to socialize our "fail forward" moments.  One of the ways we can solve for this is to develop some community protocols that make it easy and acceptable to celebrate failure- a fantastic example of this is the "Failure Bow" from the world of improv, in which you take a bow, call out your failure, and what you learned.  Those around you respond with applause.  
  In this video, Matt Smith goes into more detail about the history and power of the failure bow. 
What other shared protocols might communities develop to make it acceptable and "the new normal" to share failures and the learnings associated with them?  


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