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Series of inspirational documentary videos about "The POWER of PLAY"

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The Power of Play is an eye opener for parents who may not know just what is appropriate and what is not for their very young children.

The Power of Play captures age appropriate behavior and forms of play that will assist parents in determining the best ways to help their children develop their creative and critical thinking skills in early childhood; skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

The Power of Plays message is clear and compelling: Children need unstructured time and opportunities to simply play; play alone, play with other children, and especially to play with their own parents.

As early childhood experts make clear, "play is a childs job." Unstructured play is crucial to the development of children during their formative years from birth to age eight. It is how they learn about themselves and the world around them.

In todays world of over-scheduling children through well meaning parents who want their children to be prepared as early as possible for school and learning, The Power of Play comes along to refute some of the notions about the benefits of overly structured early childhood education.

This documentary is a must-see for parents, teachers, and anyone else who is in the role of care-giver to young children.


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This is a great show. Glad you added it. At the core of everything having to do with creativity, I believe is the concept and act of play. NOt always in it's traditional form - play can be different for everyone.

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I agree Kirsten. There has to be a connect among what is open, available & enjoyable, what is the self & non-judgement and what is being creative and confident. For teens, it may just be that the paradox of structure needs to evolve and adapt with them into adolescence as opposed to overwhelming and confining them. Great inspiration, Rudolf!

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reminds me of how even the most innocuous event like reading to children at the local library once a week can make such a difference!