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The Meaning of the Flowers

Flowers. Flowers inspire me. Flowers are not a sound, they are not words; but they are colors, and shapes, and life. And what better than life itself to inspire life?

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Flowers, as said before, are not a sound. You can't hear them, but you can touch them and see them. They are colors and scents, and a neverending world full of different meanings and stories.

Flowers have the ability to calm me down. They're colorful and peaceful, and beautiful. Colors inspire me, for every single one of them is able to show and give us a different emotion. Flowers are pretty much the same; different colors and shapes and an endless amount of options.

Colors make me smile, and so do flowers. They are quiet and gentle and soft, and although initially it seems to be something trivial, each flower has a different meaning; that alone is enough inspiration.

Who wouldn't let their minds dream of an epic love story to the meaning of the japanese flowers Higanbana (also known as Red Spider Lily), when they find out i t’s said when two people part for the final time, Higanbana will bloom in their path as they depart from one another? Or the meanings of flowers such as Roses, where each color means a different thing?

The world of the Flowers is huge, and so is the  mythology behind it. And when you take the time to look at it and learn about them, trust be, you will not be able to get back without falling in love with colors, flowers, and life itself.


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Meaning of flowers means fregnence. When we are closer to the flowers then at that time we willl be happy after smelling that freqnence. That fregnence is make our health more best because we need that for us.

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