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Surround yourself with progress - start a "done" wall

A constant visual feedback of finished works and accomplishments can help to reassure ones own capabilities and boost creative confidence.

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To better recognize our own potential, skill level and value in terms of creating anything, we need feedback. In cases of people lacking creative confidence feedback will only be asked for at a final state of a creation mostly out of the fear that their creation is not "good" or not "interesting" etc. But by missing the chance to let someone judge or guide or creative process we miss out on an ocean of opportunities. Even so if we won't let anyone else see it we should at least show it to ourselves as often as possible. 
Now to encourage people to show themselves (and others when they are ready for it) a place where they can see  and review all their works they have completed can have a game changing effect on their creative confidence. Achievements and success are things we tend to forget while focusing on our mistakes, lack of skills and knowledge deficits. By constantly seeing the things we already completed our image of our creative abilities will change. So the question that remains is:

How can we help people to see their potential inside their creations? 
Maybe by comparing their newest works with their older ones instead of a very skilled professional on the Internet? 

How can we lower the expectations and raise the level of frustration that young creatives need to succeed in gaining creative confidence?

This article at has been the spark for this inspiration. :)


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