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Soccer - Inspiring Creativity in People of All Ages

Soccer, along with sports in general, helps foster creativity and energizes the creative minds of all people, from young children to adults.

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Sports have always been an outlet for many facets of the human experience: emotions, logic, creativity. They require a combination of physical exertion along with mental quickness, clarity, and creativity. More specifically, soccer is a sport that allows for expression of creativity to the fullest. Dubbed "The Beautiful Game," soccer is a free-flowing game, with relatively simple rules- use only your feet, and get the ball into the goal. Because of its simplicity and free nature, soccer is a perfect platform for expression creativity. In order to succeed, players must utilize their creativity and their teammates to come up with the right combination of passes, runs, and shots to score. This is why it is rather common to see "beautiful" plays and combinations that seem more like art than sport. 

Soccer allows players of all ages to express their creativity, which is why it is the most-played sport in the world. Many, if not most, kids play soccer at a young age, because kids can easily understand the rules of the game. Also, they can begin to get creative as they figure out different ways to gain an advantage on the field, making certain passes and runs to achieve their goal. Older adults, who might be less physically gifted because of age, have to come up with a different method of play. They may have to pass more creatively, using patience, teamwork, and touch to get the ball into the goal. In this way, it is more appropriate to think of soccer as an area of expression for creativity. The soccer field is more of a dynamic painting, and the players are paint brushes, constantly working to create a masterpiece.

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I still believe soccer is one of the few sports that is played the same all over the world. It truly does bring people (notably young adults) together and allows them to meet people from all over. I think interacting in group activities is very important for kids because it teaches them how to build off of each other. Kids see how other kids are creative and learn from that. What better way to inspire creativity than to have fun while doing it!