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PLANKS Simply toys open space for complex play, Complex toys allows only simple play!

YES, this is 1000 yeas old truths. Simply thinks provoke imagination and support best free open ended play. Yes, we need this experience to get FEEL about Creative Confidence essence.

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I am speeding a lot of time to observing "How kids and Adults play with constructions sets".

Some time ago I was on weeked event where was a very VERY large table with KAPLA blocks - simply all the same wooden blocs - planks.

Nothing special, yah ?

Well, there is no RULES - only your imagination (and sometimes gravity :-)  )

It's not a toy, it's an art form

The choice of architects, engineers, designers, artists and teachers of all ages - professionals to preschoolers

Please look at and comment my other inspirations, I am actually preparing for Ph.D. and you comments or build on hints are very valuable for me: /profiles/dysgenio/contributions.html

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