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Show solidarity to kids

Being solidary with kids and being able to put yourself in their shoes. Like this parent who wears skirts in order to be solidary and supportive of his son who likes to wear skirts.

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It is often parents the ones who shut down our creative thinking. Sometimes due to social pressure or to abide by what it is "normal" parents might go against their kids will. Instead they should be supportive and solidary with them regardless of how crazy. By standing with them they will build self confidence, knowing that their dad or mom, their hero supports their thinking and their singularity they will be okay with being different.  

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Great post! I also agree with the idea that our creative abilities are stunted at a young age because of social pressures and the desire to meet people's expectations. We value the opinions of our loved ones above all others, so I can see how parents play an important role in fostering (or limiting) creativity - but I think that we all have different ways of dealing with pressure from our parents. Some children choose to abandon activities that allow them to be creative, while others seek out other creative outlets as a way to rebel or avoid pressure. It'd be interesting to find out different ways that parents can positively contribute to their children's creativity!