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School in the Cloud

An initiative which has the power to empower children across the world, especially when they have limited access to schools. It emphasizes on the aspect that children can self teach.

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Sugata Mitra is an Educational Researcher from India. He has conducted a series of experiments called "Hole in the Wall" wherein he has given children in remote villages who had little formal education access to an internet connected computer. He left them with some material on the computer to learn and tested them periodically to know what they have learnt. He has seen children with no  formal education going from 0 to 50 on a scale of hundred in a matter of 6 months and the subject the kids were learning was related to advanced topics like DNA replication. The whole experiment shows us the potential kids have around the world. The experiment can be extended to the world of arts and humanities, and will likely publish similar results. By allowing them to figure things out we are building an environment for them to flourish and keep their creativity intact. Dr.Mitra has started implementing these "Self-Organised Leaning Environments"(SOLE) across the world and i believe its the way forward in educating kids. He is using the penetration of internet to connect kids to Nannies from different parts of the world who are creating an environment to learn by encouraging the kids to figure it out when they are stuck.

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Siddhartha, pity i've just seen this after posting my idea. Thanks for posting this inspiration it is right on the button.

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