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Playing a game to make the world a better place

Edgard Gouveia J├╣nior is the cofounder of Instituto Elos and other ventures. He advocates the use of playing games to motivate and activate people (and children!) around the world to engage in social change and improvement of habitats.

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In this ted Talk, Edgardo Gouveia junior, a brazilian architect (amongst other things) talks about his quest to find renewed inspiration. The state of the world, the problems we're dealing with and our inability to solve them was getting him down. So he decided to travel and play games with children in India and many other places. Games about doing the impossible with no means in a limited period of time.

The idea of the game is that you get a deadline and an impossible mission, say to build a playground with no money. He found out that people around the world, no matter how poor, were creative and resourceful enough to take up the challenge. He's says: everybody is ready to make real change happen. And a game is a good way of motivating people.Within the context of the game people feel free to explore

He started a website called 'playthecall' were children from all over the world can take part in challenges. And the Instituto Elos they developed the Oasis game, a method to motivate communities to make physical, achievable changes in their environments.


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