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Playful Communities - Make your area a place to play

Design for Play - If you are a community group or parish or town council wishing to commission or improve a community space for children and young people in your area we can help you.

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The Playful Communities toolkit is for anyone wishing to get involved in creating, improving and maintaining places where young people can play and spend their free time.

More then 100 interesting resources about PLAY:

Please look at and comment my other inspirations, I am actually preparing for Ph.D. and you comments or build on hints are very valuable for me: /profiles/dysgenio/contributions.html
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Inspired by (46)

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PLANKS Simply toys open space for complex play, Complex toys allows only simple play!
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let kids propose solutions to problems, just like Kid President does
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EU sees Importance of PLAY
Play with your food
Spaces that foster Play as a learning experience


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