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Making School Fun!

Think of your classes as a kid, what was your favorite one.... what was your least favorite? Now imagine if you could make them both your favorite class.

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Not every subject in school is enjoyable for everyone. Maybe one child loves to learn about history, but doesn't enjoy science. Another child may enjoy sports, But despise math. These are essentially gaps that can be filled by a child's creativity, we just need to show them how to use it. 

Lets take the child who enjoys sports but doesn't like math as an example. If he is given the math problem " If I have ten apples and I give three of them to someone, how many apples do I have left?" they may not be able to visualize the problem because it is boring to them. Now if the problem said, " The pitcher threw ten balls and the batter hit tree of them, How many balls did the batter miss?" the child can visualize the question easier because it relates to something they enjoy.

With this type of learning technique, we can show children their creative side and can apply it to other gaps in their life. 

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