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MaKey MaKey - Tools for creative innovation

Utterly inspiring TED talk from Jay Silver, one of the makers of the invention kit called MaKey MaKey. Its a tool that enables people to change the way the things of this world work.

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In accordance with  Andrea Pomerance submission about littleBits, this post is about tools that enable us to create or change the world around us.

MaKey MaKey let's you t urn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet – simply by connecting two objects to the MaKey Makey board and your computer with alligator clips.

I couldn't express it better than Jay Silver himself, so I wrote up my two favourite quotes from the video:
1. Change your perception of objects
"We think we already know how something works, so we can't imagine how it could work. We know how it's supposed to work, so we can't suppose all the things that could be possible."
2. It's all about the tools
"What kind of tools can we give people, especially adults, who know too much, so that they can see the world as malleable, so they see themselves as agents of change in their everyday lives."

Watch around the 5:00 min mark for examples of how things can be used differently. And around 7:30 min for a demo of the MaKey Makey.


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Great share Sonja! I only just checked out this brief and the first thought popped into mind was Makey Makey. I'm glad to see that somebody had already posted this :)

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Thanks Vaughn! There are a few posts about similar tools here, however, I find the people behind MaKey MaKey are gold.

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