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KidRex - Made For Kids by Kids

A lot of the concepts we will develop for this challenge will be made by adults, for kids. How can we incorporate kids into the development process to come up with something by kids, for kids.

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I am going to make the assumption that the majority of the concepts that will emerge in the next phase of this challenge will be created by adults, for kids. It will be a platform, or a service, or a product created by adults to inspire creative confidence in kids. Adults, especially parents are essential to inspiring confidence in kids. But another essential element are their peers... other kids!  Here is a link to some really inspirational kids that no doubt inspire others their own age:

KidRex is a custom made search engine powered by google and filtered by Brent Media. It is a "safe search for kids, by kids." I find it interesting that instead of adults moderating the kids activity and curiosity, it is kids working for each other in a positive way. 

When concepts are being developed I hope that every idea will consider bringing in a child as a strategic partner in its creation. Imagine a product where the CCO (Chief Creative Officer) is a seven year old! I wonder if that has been done before...?


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Kids know what kids want, right? I think that this is a really great concept to inspire and empower kids to take the forefront on something that is usually done by adults. It's great to see kids who actually want to do something like this and who want to work with other kids like themselves. This type of creativity is fostered within the kid at an early age and this will hopefully carry with them for the rest of their lives. Creative kids turn into creative adults! Starting early is the best solution.

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