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IFIXIT...Repair manuals for Everything

IFIXIT's mission is to make repair accessible and easy for as many people around the world as possible. We want to show the world how to fix every thing. The easier it is to fix something, the more people will do it.

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My wife says, the only reason I know how to fix because I'm constantly breaking everything.

Since I was a young kid, I have been breaking things. Sometimes, I just dropped it, wrecked it, stepped on it. So I might as well take it apart rather than throw it away. And eventually, I started learning how to fix it to make it work again. Those experience built incredible confidence to make and repair things.

IFIXIT is an online community of fixers, offering a variety of manuals and guides to help repair almost anything.

It's so easy to just upgrade, or throw away old electronics, and repairs from the store can sometimes cost more than buying something new. But giving people resources to fix their own devices bring back the ownership and control of technology to individuals.

Sometimes, I wish a few things more would break so I can have a new fixer project.

In the words of founders Luke and Kyle "Together, we can fix the world! (OK, maybe just the world's gadgets. You know what we mean.)"

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When the first time work Electronic wholesaler, I know about ifixit and imore. more i know about ifixit more i think they are strong.
I know them, because my company is wholesale iPhone LCD.

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Since I was a child, I break things. Sometimes I found myself sinking, walked on. So it could dismantle it instead of throwing

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I think this is cool because when you break things you can always fix it. Also i love to build and rebuild and rebuild so i could take apart something and then fix it.

Photo of LREI 5th Graders

That is cool. I like taking apart things like pens and i have a phone, how do you take it apart it will be fun.