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Ideality as my stimulator of creative confidence.

Academics, Philosophy & religion guide us from childhood in differentiating good & bad, maximize good towards infinity by creatively reducing the harm & impacts to near zero. Ideality = ∑ Benefits / (∑ Costs + ∑ Harm), and it means =∑ Good/∑ Bad.

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Evolution is in the direction of Increasing benefits, Decreasing costs and Decreasing harm. Creative individuals are driven towards this Ideal final result by the constraints forced upon them in terms of increasing costs and increasing harm. 

Creative evolution will ensure the Ideal Final result to meet the criteria such as, their creative confidence deliver solutions that ;

    1. Eliminates the deficiencies of the original system
    2. Preserves the advantages of the original system
    3. Does not make the system more complicated (uses free or available resources.)
    4. Does not introduce new disadvantages

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