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How skateboarding can improve your creativity

Unlike other sports with boards, skateboarding is not attached to the feet, so the creative possibilities of tricks are nearly endless. such creativity took the skateboard from surfing in a pool to mega ramps with handrails in the middle.

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Skateboarding & Creativity

How skateboarding change my way to create, skateboarding has almost a infinity possibilites of combination of tricks, because is based in two simple things, differently from snowboard, the board is not attached to your foot, giving a huge array of tricks that you can do, the second thing is the obstacles, everything is a obstacle, a simple stair with a rail, open a numerous possibilities of new tricks, any differently enviroment change the way of your tricks.

Skateboarding is a individual sport, and eventually competition come to mind, but no one is trying to be better then another, the main goal in skateboarding is get your own way, individualize yourself, when you see another person doing something differently, based in what happen to me, instead try repeat or copy that trick, i think, how can i do that in my own way, and that is the moment when you pull your creativity to work.

If you see how skateboard evolved since the firsts guys there on 60’s, from surfing on a pool to mega ramps, when you think about u see that the possibilities are almost endless.

A example from creativity in skateboarding are those two guys, Rodney Mullen and Willian Spencer:

Rodney Mullen: Pop an ollie and innovate! (TED Talk)

Willian Spencer

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Interesting, if skateboarding is better then juggling :-) ?