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Give them space!

the somewhereto_ project is a fantastic intitiative in the UK where young people who need space to be 'creative' are matched up with people who have space they can use

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Inspired by Caterina's Creation is Child's Play and Kasia's You have one thing that makes you the equal of any kid in the world: potential...

I was reminded of the somewhereto_ campaign 'helping 16-25s across the UK find incredible spaces to do the things they love, all absolutely free!'

The somewhereto_ team realised the need of young people to break out and be creative. If you want to rehearse for a performance, where are you going to find a place large enough? If you want to show your art work, how are you going to be able to reach your audience?

It's a fantastic way to show young people that there's support, interest and other's doing cool things!

How might we use space as a way to cultivate creative confidence?


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Photo of Meena Kadri

Wow – this is so cool, Louise – and their site design rocks too. What we're particularly excited about on this is that it's all about *enabling.* This is a great thing to consider as we approach the Ideas phase. We've heard about teaching folks to fish over giving them fish – I like how this initiative seems to have thought about 'what do they need to fish?' – and focused on one of the answers which is space. And wrapping collaborative consumption into the deal just makes the whole package shine even brighter :^)

Photo of Reuben Posner

I am interested in the word enabling. Is that different or the same as empowering? Would be interested in hearing people's thinking on this.

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interesting question, Reuben. I personally feel that enabling and empowering are different things. To enable someone means you provide the tools and framework to make something happen. To empower someone means you inspire them and give them the confidence to do it themselves. You could argue that people often need an enabler before they can feel empowered...'form follows function....'

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