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Facing difficulties with creative thinking

Creativity is a response to a need in a non-traditional way. Sometimes difficult situations make the best of us by persuading unsuspected solution to special problems, where innovation and creativity are in the same page.

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I grew up in Colombia, adeveloping country where we fix what is broken rather than replacing it-onlyfew can afford to buy a new one- In Latin America most of the people believe thatwe can create, adapt, whatever wealready have in order to fix our problems orfulfilling our needs. With that in mind, I am thinking that sometimes, thedifficult situations make the best of us. When we don’t have the resources tobuy a new device for example, our creativity explode imagine, creating anddeveloping possible solutions that will fix the problem.

What I’m saying is that,creativity is a response to a need in a non-traditional way.

Medellin, my home city is nowthe City of the Year after won the title Innovative City of the Year by Citi,the Wall Street Journal and Urban Land Institute. In 2012, the Institutefor Transportation and Development Policy recognized Medellín’s efforts withthe Sustainable Transportation Award.

These acknowledge are examplesof how Medellin’s citizen take bad times and memories to make the best of it. Withmost of the things against: landscape, legislation, social issues and a deeplack in urban planning. Medellin’s decided to “fix” rather than replace, transformingpoor hillside neighbourhoods into new inclusive development areas foreverybody. These changes also help to inspire and created social and ecologicalmovements around the city, where residents as owners of their neighbourhood, takeactive part in decisions that will transform their environment.

Medellin’s stories help me to understand that difficulties are no impossibilities; you just need to think differently from the rest and be creative with what you have.


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