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Experimentation Through Exhibitions

Creativity is often displayed through projects as you grow older. But why should projects become dull the older you get?

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I remember when I was in elementary school, I always looked forward to science projects. We were told to make volcanoes that erupted goop everywhere. When I saw the goop making its way down my volcano, I got this feeling inside that I succeeded and my idea worked.In eighth grade, my science project was to study the moisture in dirt from a specific area and create a five minute presentation explaining what I observed.That definitely doesn't sound as exciting as an erupting volcano, now does it?

Why is it that science projects get duller as you get older? I'm not saying that an erupting volcano is going to be as exciting to a high school student as a kid in elementary school. But how is studying the moisture in dirt going to boost creativity in a student? Why can't creativity still be displayed in science projects no matter how old you are? Why don't we make science project options the students’choice? It will boost their creativity by having to come up with their own idea and following through. 

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I felt the same way about my science classes growing up. I would look forward to lab and experiments but I only remember the experiments from elementary school. After sixth grade I just remember worrying about passing my tests and trying to memorize things, and not even knowing or understanding how it would be relevant to me in the future. When I was younger I loved playing with chemistry sets and tinkering with objects ( and taking things apart XD ) but all that went out the window as I lost the confidence through not doing well at chemistry. I found it "boring" and sadly I never took physics because it was optional and I figured if I wasn't good at chemistry I probably wouldn't be able to handle physics and it will mess up my precious GPA.