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Existential Anxiety and Creativity

Steve Jobs and many others talked about the power of thinking about death to motivate us to follow our dreams, but this issue is not broadly discussed. Providing training on utilizing the idea of death to pursue our creativity could help.

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The organizers of this contest wrote in the description, that all children are creative but somewhere along the way this instinct is suppressed due to social pressure or some traumatic psychological event. Job's video and my own experience of using my thinking about death to motivate myself express my ideas and their implementation inspired me to enter this contest. I think that providing a training on directing our existential anxiety into constructive are, could really boost creativity. 


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Hi Lyubko

Great idea!! Steve Jobbs is an inspiration to us all. Its great to find out more about him as a person in this video. His honesty and realness is refreshing and motivating. How would you channel this idea into a product or a service etc? Id love to find out more.


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Hi Charlotte,
Thanks for your interest, and sorry for late response. Please find my Idea post here:
This is what I am working on. I will really appreciate any feedback/ideas.


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