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Electric Cars & Space missions

Elon Musk reminds people about why we should dream. A true entrepreneur he is willing to take a risk so that he can live in his ideal world while building it for everyone around him.

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Elon Musk inspires the little kid in me through his infectious enthusiasm for his projects. He continues to forge ahead through murmurs of "outlandish", "crazy", " "improbable" with a never diminishing sense of purpose. His continually defies traditional boundaries inspiring me to follow my dreams just like he does. 

Sometimes when you hear him talk you can almost be excused for thinking that he is someone who isn't building anything besides his concept of "ideal", much like a child who builds his little Lego land, and he is allowing us to join his journey. 

His hyperloop has engineers frothing at the mouth and making dreamers like me salivate at the concept of building something so unreal. He builds his dreams rather than allowing criticism to quash his creativity & conforming to "accepted social norms". That is what makes him one of the great inspirations of this generation. He is one of few who took technology cracked it open just to see how else he can engineer it and make it better.

I'm going to proudly tell future generations "We had Elo Musk. match that!!"


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