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Edutaiment - Where A Learning meet THE FUN

What is there are no borderlines between "Institutions" and they all emerge into one stream. ?

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YES, correct answer for QUIZ from Behind the Horizons video is:

What if Instructions traditional seem separate like " Home & Work, Shopping mall & School, Workplace & College" will emerge and blur ?

What kind of Education we will then have and where there will be place for creativity ?

If technology will drive learning , what new types of tools will emerge ?

May be one of the answers is an Edutainment:

or not ?

Edutainment? No Thanks. I Prefer Playful Learning

Please look at and comment my other inspirations, I am actually preparing for Ph.D. and you comments or build on hints are very valuable for me: /profiles/dysgenio/contributions.html

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Inspired by (45)

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