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Doodle a lot!

Sometimes all you need to do is doodle...

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Sometimes I find that the best way to unwind is to just pick up a pen and doodle.

The above image is a little image I made a few years ago when I was sitting in an engineering class during undergrad and a friend of mine was about to throw a piece of extremely crumpled paper in his backpack. I took it from him and just put pen to paper and allowed it to flow as unconsciously as possible. And that in a sense is doodling, can't consciously guide the pen but just allow your imagination to take. over. I've found it the best way to get over a creative block

My undergrad notebooks sometimes had more doodles in the margins that words on a page and some pretty intricate. In the end I made great grades and after graduating decided against a career in engineering to move to more creative pursuits.

Now that I'm a design entrepreneur, business school student hopefully on my way into a career in design consulting, I suspect that all my notebooks will always have quite a few intricate doodles ;)


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pick up a pen and doodle, that is what more people should do. sometimes when you are doodling then the best ideas appear.
But you should create like a platform, or a website where people could upload their doodles and inspire other people.

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This was my concept for it

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