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Dead Poet's Society Reflections on Conformism

In this movie, Robin Williams says, "Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary." He wants students to follow their dreams & think for themselves. We need more teachers like Robin Williams.

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He takes students beyond the classroom outside in the fresh air. Playing soccer!
He rips pages out of textbooks when he doesn't believe poetry should be mathematically modeled.
He knows students better than they know themselves.
He draws something out of them they didn't even know they had inside.
He turns book worms into free thinkers.


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Such a good movie. Use the world around you to teach those about the world. Giving the students the freedom to express themselves even when they are uncomfortable is the first step!

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That's right! The best experiences are those where you don’t even know you’re not in the real world while learning, i.e learning takes you out of the real world but it is still situated in the active process of meaning making. Games do this really well and are designed as highly contextualized, problem solving spaces.

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