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Creative Kid Coaching Conversations!

Powerful coaching conversations can help kids with bullying.

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My apologies for coming into this conversation so late inthe process! I have three inspirations, the first one presented here titled: CreativeKid Coaching!

The inspiration comes from leadership projectcoaching for adults—you know, coaching conversations that are specificallyengineered to lead to inspiration and action. Kids can learn how to have thesesame sort of conversations with each other. Through use of a simple yet elegantconversation protocol, kids can guide their peers through either a singleconversation or a series of conversations that apply something they feelpassionate about to a “real world opportunity.” This is a transformational formof creative coaching where the “coach” does not tell the “coachee” what to do,but instead invokes creative thought processes that allow the coachee’s wisdomto surface. In the “adult version” this means learning how to listen, justlisten, asking questions that expose limiting assumptions, putting open endedquestions out there for the coachee to ponder and illuminate, and then callingfor commitment and action. You know what? Kids can learn to do this too!Imagine kids all over, holding conversations with each other that liberate themfrom limiting beliefs. Imagine kids committing to action within their mostpassionate dreams. Imagine if these passions were about contributing to agreater good. 


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