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Creating and leading an art program

Rising to the occasion to be an art program manager despite fears and doubts about my abilities. When others believe in you, you begin to believe in yourself and your creative confidence.

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I wanted to intern as a summer camp counselor in New York when I was at college in 2002. Upon my arrival, I found out that I was chosen to create and lead an art program for half of the camp. I wanted to give up this role. I was absolutely terrified. I did not think that I could create a program, lead a group, and have others follow my instructions. I was 22 years old and English was my second language. In the back of my mind, I knew that I wanted to do it, but I felt insecure. 
The counselors created a circle, and everyone had to do something funny to make others laugh. I was nervous. The director came to me and said, "Silvie, I know you will do a great job." I sensed honesty from his voice and I believed him. 
I wanted to show him that I can do a great job. I took a bus down to New York City and bought a bunch of books about arts and crafts. Every week I created a program with a theme. It was great to see the artifacts that campers made in my classes. One day a counselor told me, "You have the best classes. You have something to do for everyone and it's always fun." 


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It's inspiring the story you have shared with us here. We all are facing some kind of challenges like this in our life's journey; both in our personal and professional life and your story can turn out to be an inspiration for me and for many others as well. I'm working as a professional maids trainer in Dubai in a housekeeping company and most of the time I find it hard to move on when things not working the way I wish it to be. Now I have one more motivation aspect to remember in this beautiful story and I would like to keep connected to this whenever the situation demands of.

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