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College Life

My first day as a freshmen in college was very difficult and uncomfortable to me. If it wasn't for my supportive mom i probably wouldn't be here right now to be honest, I'm extremely shy and don't like meeting new people at all.

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The week before my first day of college i was extremely confident that i was ready to move on into the big world, ready to go out on my own and become an adult. Little did i know, in seven days i would be holding onto my mom asking her to take me with her. I've always been a "home body" in my moms terms, which means i like to be home with family which is completely true. During orientation i had my best friend by my side so i was alright for the week, plus i could still call home or my mom could even come visit. When orientation week ended and my mom was saying goodbye i mentally broke down. The first day i walked around campus on the verge of tears wondering if i could get through four years of college like that which i knew i couldn't. That night i called my mom and she told me that we could get through this together, that she would end a text every morning to get me going, a text simply saying, "Good morning! I hope you have a wonderful day and i will talk to you when you're done with classes, love you bunches!" A simple text like that got me through the day and after a couple week of texts from my mom i was fine by myself although she still occasionally texts me i think now i would be fine if she didn't. What i'm getting at is a little support from someone close can go a long way and i know if my mom wasn't when i was lost than i probably wouldn't be in college right now. 


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