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Can a researcher has a creative desk?

Does a professional desk must always be dull? My friend who is a legal and politic researcher, told me about her philosophy of decorating her working desk and how it helps her being creative, if she needs to be creative at all?

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I saw my friend's posted her table on facebook one day and she wrote something interesting about how decorating office desk was important to her so I interview her some further questions.

My friend, Fon, work in legal and political research institution. People she have to met in her daily working life are politicians, educators and lawyers. People usually expects that she should arrange her desk to look professional but she insists that people are comfortable in different working scenario.

She likes working at coffee shop and order scented tea so she decorate her desk like coffee shop and with a bowl of tea leaves. She put her family and friends picture to feel closer to someone she loves. She also has teddy bears and heart-shape tree on the table.

For her, table decoration does not only help her being productive at work but the process of decorating itself is a good creativity exercise. The action of decorating allow her produces picture in her mind and translate that picture into real things which this ability can be applied to other thing she does at work. Also the accomplishment of decorating desk helps to encourage other achievement in life.

So I wonder what she think about creativity and why she think it is important. As a researcher, she think that creativity is to be able to solve problem in an extraordinary way. Being able to communicate well needs creativity. For example, how to write a research for everyone to understand or how to present the work to different kinds of audiences.

What I learn from my friend is creativity does not limit to certain discipline. However, creativity is for everyone and it can start simply from your own table. 


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Hi My! It reminded me of this article here:

My desk often seems messy and busy to another person, but to me it's all organised and having a lot of things around only inspire me, not distract me. I have pictures, images, quotes, books, folders, papers, samples, pencils, pens, snacks, alarm clock, lamp, toys, etc...

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Hi Kasia, Thanks for sharing the article. I always interested to see other people's desks and how they show the owners' personalties. I also found this interesting website about designer's desk.

My desk always messy too and no one allow to touch it because I know where everything is in that mess. I also like to have a pin board near my desk to put some inspiring picture and images.