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Blocked? Try something completely different

Creativity can't exist if there is no self-confidence. But the good news is that if you lack confidence in one area, you still have a lot left in another. Stepping out of design and into campaigning for the green party gave me back my creativity.

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Creativity gets blocked in many ways. One of these ways is when you lack self confidence. When you are constantly thinking of end results, enjoying the process and thinking outside of the box is all very nice, but simply hard to do. How to break through these boundaries? By doing something different. Something no one expects you to be good at, not even yourself.

In the summer of 2012 I offered to help the green party with their campaign. Although it didn't help (they lost big time in the elections) I learned a very important lesson. I had always thought I wasn't really creative. Although Iwas a good at drawing and loved to do it, the creative kind of work in design (I'm a trained architect) was much harder for me. I felt blocked most of the time.

During the campaign, however, I came up with lots of ideas, without really caring that I had absolutely no knowledge or experience about campaign-strategy. I don't even know if they were good ideas. But they were there, I used them and had a lot of fun. They inspired my other fellow campaigners. It was then that I realised that creativity can still be around, somewhere, hidden, even if you think it's gone forever, spoiled, and can still come out. Just do something different!


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Thank you Meena! I'm really excited about this challenge. too bad I discovered it a bit late....I see that you are a community manager: can I ask a question? How do virtual teams work?

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