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Create an open, inspiring, creative environment at home

An open, inspiring creative environment at home can work as a trigger for kids for creative expression and freedom.

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An open, inspiring creative environment can work as a trigger for kids for creative expression and freedom.

Actually I need a creative inspiring environment for myself in order to clear my mind for my work.
Our living room is full of post-its on the wall. I draw my thoughts in mindmaps on the the glass of our windows. The room is also filled with musical instruments,chalkboards, inspiring magazines, books, toys, paintings from our kids etc…

These creative stimuli are always available for instant use as creativity is a process for me. I'm not good at instant problem solving :-)

What I discovered is that my 3 kids and also their friend are inspired by this environment too. Without ever teach them how to use these tools they actually imitate this process of creation.

My oldest son (11year) is using post-its to prepare his homework. My other son (9) writes stories for games on paper and uses to develop them. My daughter (3) expresses herself on music she's mixing...

When their friend are at our place they always start instantly using these tools for creation without we even have to tell them. They write songs, create collages, play games with their own gamification elements…

When I discovered this I tried to do the same at my work environment. I started to full my office with inspiring tools, books, magazines, post-it walls, toys, musiscal instruments … My colleagues were inspired too and started using these techniques by themselves and still do :-)

An important mindset here is that everything is ok - what people or kids create is ok - it's all about the process and to be open for their mindsets without judging.

The video is from my daughter (Dutch speaking) who starts using the Ipad to create her own music.

Let's walk the talk :-)

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This is great! I think that empowering children to have an outlet is a great way of harvesting and showcasing their creativity. I might borrow your idea, and start setting up places for my 3 year old to begin using posts it, I already have a designated wall for him to draw on. :)