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Activate whatever

There is a device in every mind responsible for giving life courage and ideas we create and I will call "button whatever". From the moment we set in motion this "button" leave behind the fear of making mistakes, of being a laughing stock.

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But how to find such a device ? And even more, how to have the courage to activate it ? This generally is an individual journey, many people would never make to others is something natural , and for those seeking? For those who want to achieve this , say "state mental / spiritual " there is a daily journey that can be easily implemented : change. So start a gradual change in the way of living and looking at life , for example , to go to lunch in a restaurant , ask for a dish that I had never experienced or else what contains the name or ingredients more " strangers " , and so all day, simply vary. How can this help ? After all , it is just food right? 

This simple experiment will cause the individual to lose fear of new things , and leave the comfort of routine. After this little test several others will be easier to be engaged , as a variation of places , reading , social circles , etc. . Leading not only to a greater range of knowledge as well as greater confidence in their ideas , actions and ideals.This "philosophy" surely must be implemented consistently and when this happens who implements becomes a catalyst of this idea, and starts to propagate this concept of acceptance hisself, this spread is subliminal, as an energy that pervades the air , as when a group of people gather in an event or show, all share something in there, an interest, a feeling, and then share among themselves an energy, a positive vibe that leads to enthusiasm, creativity and reciprocity that contaminates all present. 

Everyone has the ability to open up and trust in itself, simply that this perception is awakened them.


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It's a great view Carol, congratulations.

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