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Train Track or Swim Ring

There're two Inspiration about my personal experiences. They have showed the power of children's creativity.

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1. When I was in the fourth semester of college, a man found me and let me help his child to learn painting. I met the young boy, we drew freely on a sheet of paper. I drew two circles and some segments, and asked him “what is that”, I thought he will say “Train tracks ”, but he said “A swim ring ”. That’s amazing, and deeply shocked me. Unfortunately, his father want him draw realistically. He hoped that, while the boy drawing a TV, everyone can identify as a TV. I am so sorry about that. 

2. In my childhood, I often played Role-playing game with my brother. We used toy figures, like G.I.Joe or Transformers, and found out all of things to be props. The most interesting thing is that we imagine the whole of story. We can use Empathy at that time! Unbelievable!


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