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13 Year Old on Creativity & Hack Schooling

An inspiring TED talk by a 13 year old who shares his insights on outdated approaches in education and offers some alternatives to help nurture creativity amongst other priorities.

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What do you want to be when you grow up? 13 year old Logan Laplante claims kids want to do stuff they'e "stoked on… think is cool … or have experience with" and feels this is typically the opposite of adults want to hear. He notes that a simple yet profound answer to this question would be to be happy and healthy – and goes on to ask what it would look like if schools prioritised education around happiness & wellbeing.

He's checked out some neuroscience to shine a light on 8 things which significantly contribute to happiness and health: Diet & Nutrition, Exercise, Relationships, Recreation, Relaxation and Stress Management, Time in Nature, Relationships, Contribution & Service and Spiritual Pursuits.

He also highlights that a lot of education is focused on making a living rather than making a life and mentions Sir Ken Robinson's famous provocation that creativity should be treated with as much educational consideration as literacy. His parents chose to pull him out of the mainstream school system when he was 9 and he goes on to talk about the range of benefits and perspectives that brought with it.
He delves into thoughts on hackers as innovators. He feels the world needs folks with a hacker mindset – and that education is also ripe to be hacked. He goes on to talk about his vision of Hack Schooling – which is experience driven and supports creative short cuts if they produce better, faster results. It's flexible, opportunistic and doesn't lose sight of supporting happiness, health and creativity. He talks about projects which have required classmates to handle their fears, communicate clearly and trust each other. 

But don't take my word for it – check out Logan's inspiring TED Talk yourself!

Of course, we're not keen to knock all the great teachers out there who are joining us on this challenge – and we acknowledge that you're often making inspirational strides within wider systemic constraints. Rather, we're hoping you'll share with us some of your stories of success across topics like creative confidence, experiential learning and nurturing innovation during our 3 week Inspiration phase for this challenge. Let's collect a diverse range of existing approaches to fuel an abundance of fresh thinking on our upcoming Ideas phase!


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Great idea! I think this takes a step in the right direction when it comes to education and the culture that surrounds it! It is important to think outside of the box.

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