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What are you into?

Encourage young people to investigate and identify their interests and view their challenges through the scope of their passion.

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As an event production manager, I have to manage teams, small and large, many include first-work-experience youngsters who, in my field, have been taught to be multidisciplinary and the implied expectation that they must be good at everything, which is just not possible. I would hear more experienced workers complain about the youngsters' so-called "incompetence" but after a little digging, I realised there is no such thing as an incompetent person. There is, though, a lot of bad casting around and this explains the lack of motivation, slowing in processes and rise in conflict.  

Therefore, I took the extra time to investigate what tickled, inspired and excited each younger team members to make sure, as much as possible, that they held jobs or were given tasks that matched their casting, interests and increased their pride in a job well-done. This not only allowed me to better know them, it encouraged them to be their true self, to speak up, and be involved. In the long run, I found out not only this approach made happier employees, it saved me time managing interpersonal issues.

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