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The Electronster: Toolkit and Facilitations

Newly released: The Electronster Toolkit, a standalone guide to running the Electronster in your classroom, after-school program or at home. "Train the Trainers": A workshop with 25 Silicon Valley YMCA facilitators, teachers and administrators.

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What is the Electronster? 

The Electronster is a program that encourages creative problem solving and self-confidence in students by providing the opportunity to dismantle recycled electronics. 

Targeted at middle schoolers (though we have had success running it with groups aged 6 - 36), the Electronster includes an energy building and creative brainstorming warm-up, a free-reign deconstruction and a reflective debrief.

The Electronster Toolkit:
Exciting news, the Electronster Toolkit is finally ready! 
We have created a standalone toolkit so that you can run the Electronster in your classroom, after-school program and at home. The toolkit includes information on procuring electronics, safety precautions, guides to warm-ups and recommendations for debrief discussion strategy. 

The Electronster program and toolkit are continuously evolving prototypes. We encourage you to push the boundaries, experiment, and make the program work for you.

We appreciate any feedback! Let us know what isn't clear, or where you would love more information.  

"Train the Trainers": 
In October we ran a "Train the Trainers" program with 25 Silicon Valley YMCA facilitators, teachers and administrators. 

In a three hour long session, we had the participants go through the full program, after which we had an hour and a half debrief. 

In the debrief we focused strongly on the two things:

1. Being aware of the emotional journey and the particular highs and lows that the students will go through when they participate in an Electronster program.
We asked the YMCA participants to map the highs and lows of the experience, and then mark which emotions they identified with. Our goal was to ensure we facilitated the most critical parts of this program, in particular the overcoming of frustration, and moments of pride, excitement and teamwork. By having the facilitators articulate and identify those moments in their own experiences, we hope that they will be hyper aware of helping foster these for their future students. 

2. Creating agency among the participants. 
We wanted the facilitators to walk away with the confidence to iterate on the program, tailoring it to their classrooms and students and experimenting in all directions. We prompted them to think specifically about the variables with which they were most excited to play. 

Moving forward:
The YMCA facilitators and administrators will be taking the Electronster into the network of Silicon Valley YMCA programs. We hope it will expand from there. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you are interested in discussing the Electronster in your school or home! 

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So awesome, Olivia & crew! Hope you don't mind that I've used my Community Manager super powers to link your toolkit directly to your post. Keep up the awesome focus on social impact.

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