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Gallery Hopping in Downtown Detroit

Students of all ages will have the opportunity to visit exhibitions in one of America's major cities during the city's revival.

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There is a lot of concern surrounding Detroit’s current social and economic status. As a large automotive city and cultural center in America’s Midwest, it is important that teenagers and young adults understand the positive and cultural transformations that are going on in Detroit’s arts culture. There are many artists coming from Detroit and therefore, galleries exhibiting up-and-coming artists are positive push-forward mechanisms in the revival of Detroit. With this inspiration, young adults and teenagers will have first-hand opportunities to see amazing improvements that are happening in Detroit.

For this program, there should be busses that take students to inspiring spaces such as Detroit Artists Market, Re:View and 4731. In addition, there will be guides and artists at each destination who will take the students on a tour of the spaces and explain how the art is affecting the surrounding city. By allowing students to have a better understanding of how the arts culture has and continues to positively affect a city during rough times, the students will be inspired by people in their community who are making a difference. Viewing and understanding artwork in this way will most definitely build a strong sense of confidence as well as inspiration in students' lives. 

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