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Cullen Whitmore-Creative Space

We need to create a space that instills curiosity and encourages children to make things.

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Creativity is an essential part of living a satisfying and successful life. All children contain a vast wealth of creative energy, fueled by their curiosity and awe of the world around them. As we get older, society slowly beats the creative juices out of our souls, telling us how we should think and how things are supposed to be. In order to maintain and support creative thinking skills in young people, we need to encourage children to take risks, and not be afraid to do things and think in a way that might be considered strange, or against the status quo. We need to instill a sense of curiosity in children at a young age, so that they continue to explore and question everything as they move through life. In order to approach this challenge, we need to create a safe space that encourages individuals to think differently, without fear of public ridicule for their seemingly strange ideas. We need a space that stimulates questions, prodding individuals to reevaluate the world around them, and tapping into that childlike sense of naivety and innocence. In order to truly show someone that they can be creative, you must provide for them an opportunity to make something tangible, that they can hold and appreciate. Having the chance to make a tangible creative artifact and then being able to share that with other people is an invaluable experience that instills a yearning for creation in all of us.


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