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Creative Support Groups

Support groups focusing on a topic of interest are a great way to connect youth in a supportive environment and create together.

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            Implementing support groups is very beneficial for kids and youth who are facing difficulties in their daily lives. It is an opportunity to bring these kids together and remind them they are not alone. With the help of a facilitator, these kids support and encourage one another, helping to make each other feel better. Motivating one another, kids will result in motivating themselves as well. Confidence is often lost when children are neglected and feel alone. Having others support them will allow them to build their own confidence up as well.

            It is not easy encouraging children to join support groups, so it would be helpful to form them based off of points of interest. For kids who are interested in art, there can be an artistic, creative group, focusing on collaboration projects and using art to better oneself and others around them. For kids interested in sports and athletics, there can be a group focusing on activities in the outdoors. These activities will be athletic and problem based, causing them to come together to form and solution.

            In a creative supportive environment kids encourage one another to keep creating without judgments. This environment acts as an incubator for creative expression and support. Thus, children’s creativity will be accepted and encouraged. They will gain creative confidence and implement creativity throughout their lives.

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