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Beyond Education

Creating our own life story

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We all start off with a mind full of ideas.. how come at my tender age of 23 I'm reluctant to express my creative mindset without critism. 

There has to be more beyond education considering we spend a large portion of our lives in education. why are so many young people leaving with no confidence. No real passion. No concept of how experiencing the real world. ( and i mean 'LIVING') will outweigh any form of textbook learning any day. Schools forcing us all to act the same and learn the same, while the creative devils inside us are forced to the back of our minds...

Something needs to give, we need to be teaching young people more than just the curriculum, teaching them to be themselves, embracing Individuality, creativity, building confidence and encouraging them to let their passion guide them. 

Dont get me wrong I'm in no way disregarding the importance of education, as i sit here having completed both high school and college  and also having a university degree under my belt. Im simply letting my passion guide me. I dont have the answers yet on how change can occur but i hope one day the answers are found. Until tnen i am  aiming to impact one young life at a time.

Food for thought, thought for food.

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