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15 Year Old Prototyping the Electronster Idea + Creating the Video to Showcase the Event = Building Creative Confidence!

My nephew, Priyank, and I prototyped the Electronster idea in Nov 2013. Priyank loved the session so much that over the Christmas holiday, he and his sister did another Electronster event. This time they built a "talking ornament that protects Christmas presents". Pretty cool invention! Additionally to further develop his creative confidence, Priyank learned how to make movies and put together a video showcasing their invention.

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Parents, siblings, uncles and aunts, if you want an interactive, fun, creative, easy-to-do and educational activity to connect with family members, try the Electronster idea which was a winner in the Creative Confidence Challenge.   

Watch the video to experience the joy Priyank, his sister, and I had prototyping the Electronster idea.  Priyank highlights what was needed and the process followed to complete an Electronster session in the video.

Special note: Priyank made the video himself after some video editing tutorials with me. Another opportunity for us to connect and have fun!    

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The Electronster

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Great one!! Looks like the Electronster will hit the road soon!

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Way to go, Priyank – this is awesome!